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Shipping lost items

At De Drie Koningen, we understand that occasionally items may be left behind by our guests, especially given the spaciousness of our holiday homes. In the morning of the date of departure we send an e-mail reminding the guest to check all coat racks, closets, and drawers.

Most frequently forgotten objects:

  • Clothes
  • Chargers (laptop, mobile phone,…)
  • Google Chromecast
  • Jewellery
Lost item in apartments

Shipping procedure

  • In the event that we discover any forgotten items, we will promptly notify you via email to confirm whether you’d like them shipped to you.
  • We allocate time to assess the cost of shipping via the local post office. This step is crucial as the shipping cost may sometimes exceed the value of the item itself. Factors such as address, value, size, and weight influence the shipping cost.
  • If the estimated shipping cost eventually exceeds the value of the item, the guest can choose not to proceed with the shipment. In such instances, the objects are passed on to individuals who require assistance. One of our regular cleaners assists several individuals in need after completing her shifts with us.
  • Upon agreement to proceed with the shipment, we will return to the post office to pack and send the item to your designated address.
  • For shipping, we charge a minimal administration fee on top of the shipping costs.