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Twijnstraat 17, 8000 Bruges


Our recommendations

Tom's Diner

Tom's Diner

We are often asked where we eat in Bruges. Well, occasionally we would go to Tom’s Diner. Delicious tapas, traditional and edgy dishes.

The owner also happens to be called Tom. This is not my restaurant that I want to advertise 🙂

't Nieuw Walnutje

‘t Nieuw Walnutje is located right across the brewery De Halve Maan, a very nice area in Bruges. There’s always the best athmosphere and they have the best mussels!

t Nieuw Walnutje

Resto NOUS

This restaurant is a real asset to Bruges. Finger licking dishes and very pleasant people. It is also very centrally located!


Just around the corner, open every evening (Mon-Sun 18:00-0:00). Local dishes with many different beers in a cozy setting.

Brasserie Surplace

Here you can order typical local dishes. Very popular among the locals. We think the eel is super delicious.

Seafoodbar Belge

You can eat the most delicious fish and fruit de mer at Seafoodbar Belge. Very friendly people and right across from the Belfry Tower.

Seafoodbar Belge

Jilles Beer & Burgers

We also really enjoy going to Jilles Beer & Burgers, delicious burgers with accompanying beers.

Ribs n Beer

If you are with a large group and want to eat slow cooked ribs in a variety of tasty sauces (chocolate, beer, spicy, barbecue), Ribs n Beer is the place to be.

De Republiek

De Republiek is a large and hip building just next to an independent cinema. There is a large garden suitable for children to play. Always two vegan dishes on the menu.


Cambrinus is very close by, between De Drie Koningen and the Market square. They serve local dishes and there is a huge beer selection.

Den Heerd

Den Heerd

Are you looking for gastronomic restaurant? Den Heerd is the place to be. In the summer you can even linger in a beautiful courtyard garden

Sale & Pepe

Of all the Italian restaurants, our guests praised Sale & Pepe the most. Near the Market Square.

bistro zwart huis

Bistro Zwart Huis

A very cozy atmosphere in an imposing building. Especially if you like jazz and blues, and of course delicious food.

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