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The apartments of ‘De Drie Koningen’ are located 260m from the market square (Markt) in Bruges.
Nevertheless, parking is not a problem. We have provided all the necessary information below.

Parking possibilities

Car parking spaces at De Drie Koningen Bruges

Garage at 'De Drie Koningen'

At 'De Drie Koningen' there is a private parking garage with 3 parking spaces, 2 of which are equipped with electric charging stations.


Public road

Parking in the center of Bruges between 09:00 and 20:00 is possible for a fee and is also time-bound. This also applies on public holidays and Sundays. Certainly not recommended for the long term.

1 hour

2 hours

3 hours

4 hours (max)

Underground parking

If parking is no longer available at 'De Drie Koningen', we usually recommend the following underground car parks. Depending on the size of the car, whether you will use the car during the stay and the price, we have listed several alternatives.

Parking Pandreitje

  • The closest underground parking. The most popular alternative.
  • 350m (5 minutes walk)
  • € 15,80 / 24h
  • To be paid on departure
  • Maximum height: 2m00

Parking Centrum-Station

  • A cheaper secure parking at the station of Bruges outside the city center. Click here for more information.
  • 2km (20 minutes walk or bus)
  • € 6,10 / 24h
  • To be paid on departure
  • Maximum height: 2m15

Lodewijk Coiseaukaai

  • This car park is free and the ideal place for larger vehicles such as minibuses. It is an above-ground car park located next to the Bruges police station.
  • 1.9km (25 minutes walk or bus)
  • € 0,00 / 24h
  • No maximum height

Langestraat Alfapark

  • A secure car park on one of Bruges’ canals.
  • 450m (5 minutes walk)
  • € 18,00 / 24h
  • To be paid on departure
  • Maximum height: 2m20