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Twijnstraat 17, 8000 Bruges


At ‘De Drie Koningen’ there is a private parking garage with 3 parking spaces, out of which 2 are equipped with electric charging stations.


To reserve

The rental price of a parking space is € 15.00 per day.

  • It is best to book in advance.
  • You can only make a reservation if you have a credit card. If you don’t have one, have someone else in the group who has a credit card make the reservation.
  • Press the button below to check the availability and make a reservation if you want.


The garage is located next to the apartments, but is only accessible by car along Ridderstraat between house numbers 12 and 14. It used to be the coach house of the neighbouring building.




Onze-Lieve-Vrouw (OLV)





(*) It might be a good idea to drop of your luggage in the entrance of Twijnstraat 13 if you're staying in St-Donaas, St-Niklaas or St-Jacob to avoid a few steps.

How to park?

  • There is neither a key nor an access code to open the entrance of the garage. It can only be opened from the inside. You, or someone else from the group, must first pass the reception (entrance Twijnstraat 17) to the garage at the back of the communal garden to open the door. You will receive an access code for the reception a few days before your arrival.
  • Drive from Twijnstraat (turn to the right 3 times) around the block until you reach Ridderstraat. Then you can park backwards in one of the three designated parking spaces.
  • Don’t forget to close the door!

Electric car charger

  • Accepts a maximum of 16-amps.
  • The idea is that the car is charged when you leave back home or resume your journey. Therefore, the car should not be charged quickly.
  • For 20 kWh, you need to charge for +/- 5 hours.
  • The cost is 0,45 € per kWh.
  • Scan the Wallbox with the card of your apartment and start charging! This is necessary to know which apartment uses this service.