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+32 472 63 63 59

Twijnstraat 17, 8000 Bruges

Checking in

Where is your apartment?

De Drie Koningen is a cluster of different apartments. The name of your apartment is clearly stated on the confirmation of ‘De Drie Koningen’. It is important to know this because the apartments can be reached via several entrances: Twijnstraat 13 and Twijnstraat 17.









Onze-Lieve-Vrouw (OLV)


Access code entrance

Both entrances (Twijnstraat 13 and 17) have the same access code. This code is common to all visitors. It will be sent by e-mail in the week prior to your visit.

Access code apartment

Your access code for the apartment is unique and is only active during your stay (from 1 pm on the day of arrival until 10 am on the day of departure). The code will be sent by e-mail in the week prior to your visit.

Early arrival or late departure: luggage storage

In the event of an early arrival or a late departure, you can temporarily store your luggage in a luggage storage at the reception. At your request, you will receive a code for this luggage compartment.


You can easily park your car in front of the entrance at Twijnstraat 13 and 17 to unpack or load.