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+32 472 63 63 59

Twijnstraat 17, 8000 Bruges


Electric shuttle service

To keep Bruges livable and safe, the city deploys lighter and adapted bus transport to enable sustainable travel. Every day between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., the free shuttle service or centre shuttle runs a fixed route through the city centre. The centre shuttle is an important urban addition to De Lijn’s offer. The shuttle bus runs on a fixed timetable. Each stop is served every 20 minutes. A ride with the 100% electric shuttle bus is always free of charge.

The shuttle service is an efficient transportation system that is specifically designed to cater to the needs of people traveling between the city center and Bruges railway station. It serves as a convenient mode of transport for individuals who rely on the railway station for their daily commute or for those who are visiting Bruges for business or leisure purposes.

  • A ride on the electric shuttle is free
  • A boarding ticket is not required
  • Every day between 7AM and 7PM
  • The bus has 22 spaces including 10 seats. There is also room for prams or luggage
Closest stops
  • Molenbrug: 230 meters
  • Markt: 290 meters
  • Stadsschouwburg: 360 meters


Time table