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At home in Bruges!

One of the best compliments we have received is: 'A home away from home'. That is also what were are continuously trying to pursue. We complement this catchphrase with great hospitality and a unique experience.

Owner Tom

Meet your host!

Hello, my name is Tom.

I was born and raised in Bruges and have lived in this city most of my life. My childhood home is Twijnstraat 15. In 1996, when I was 6 years old, my parents bought the building next to their home (Twijnstraat 13). They renovated the entire house and started renting out the first holiday rental 'St-Donaas'. This was the start of De Drie Koningen. A few years later, in 2001, the other neighbours sold their house (Twijnstraat 17). We could not let this opportunity slip away. What ultimately started as a hobby for them, I have seen De Drie Koningen grow over the years.

After obtaining my master's degree in Economics, I worked as a Business Automation Consultant for an MIS software company for 8 years. Most of the time I worked abroad and stayed a lot of hotels and apartments from which I have taken many ideas. Since I wanted to spend more time with my 2 sons I decided to call it a day in 2022 and we improved the entire business model during that period.

In the same year, my father retired and I took over De Drie Koningen. So nowadays, I am here to make every possible effort te ensure a pleasant stay for all our guests and provide the best customer service imaginable.

De Drie Koningen over the years (1995 - ...)

The start!
The existence of the family business De Drie Koningen dates back to 1995. Nico and Ann themselves lived in Twijnstraat 15 and all of a sudden the building next door (Twijnstraat 13) came up for sale. Initially, the plan was for the grandmother of the family to live next door but this did not go through. So they decided to renovate the houses and turn them into apartments for vacations. St-Donaas was the first apartment to be completely renovated and rented out to the first guests.
Twijnstraat 17
Several years later, the other building next door, came up for sale. In 2002, this hospital made way for 3 very spacious holiday rentals around a common courtyard garden with swimming pool. A great advantage of this new acquisition, is the number of common facilities that can be made available. The apartments in Twijnstraat 13 can also benefit from that.
Nico's retirement
Nico is retiring. After years in entrepreneurship, he is beginning his well-deserved rest with two evening classes in Italian and Spanish.
Tom takes over
In a turbulent period just after Covid-19 and rising energy prices, Tom decides to take over the business.
September 1995
March 1999
Thursday, August 29, 2018
September, 2022
October, 2022
Owner Tom

The Satisfaction of our Guests is our Goal

The key to De Drie Koningen's success is Hospitality. We have been listening to the needs of our guests since 1995 and always try to meet their demands. This results in many reviews from which we get genuine gratification.